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The A100 virtual dedicated servers are powered by:
  • Up to 8 NVidia® A100 80GB GPUs, each containing 6912 CUDA cores and 432 Tensor Cores.
  • This is the current flagship silicon from NVidia®, unbeaten in raw performance for AI operations.
  • We only use the SXM4 'for NVLINK' module, which offers a memory bandwidth of over 2TB/s and Up to 600GB/s P2P bandwidth.
  • Second generation AMD EPYC Rome, up to 192 threads with a boost clock of 3.3GHz.
NVidia® A100 image
The GPU's are passed through to the dedicated virtual machines, which delivers native performance.
The servers are dedicated: the hardware is allocated to your machine and your machine only.
Virtualization offers the best possible security for your data.
The name 8A100.176V is composed as follows: 8x RTX A100, 176 CPU core threads & virtualized.

  • The host servers run in a secured and ISO27001 certified datacenter facility and are owned and operated solely by DataCrunch.
  • All DataCrunch operations are ISO27001 certified.
  • The facility offers redundant power, your data is secured by storing it in 3 copies at all times.

Note: Once you deploy your instance, the price and discount are fixed and not subject to future changes.