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The A100 virtual dedicated servers are powered by:
Up to 8 NVidia A100 80GB [2021] GPUs, each containing 10752 CUDA cores, 336 Tensor Cores and 84RT cores.Despite having less tensor cores than the V100, it is able to process tensor operations faster due to a different architecture. Up to 600GB/s P2P bandwidth.Second generation AMD EPYC Rome, up to 192 threads with a boost clock of 3.3GHz.


The GPU's are passed through to the dedicated virtual machines, which delivers native performance.The servers are dedicated: the hardware is allocated to your machine and your machine only. Virtualization offers the best possible security for your data.
The name 8A100.176V is composed as follows; 8x RTX A100, 176 CPU core threads & virtualized.
The host servers run in a secured and ISO27001 certified datacenter facility and are owned and operated solely by DataCrunch. All DataCrunch operations are ISO27001 certified. The facility offers redundant power, your data is secured by storing it in 3 copies at all times.