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Who we are

We are an international, diversed team with members from over 11 countries and areas. We support work-life balance, self-improvement, and flexible working hours.

We work remotely with the members who are based all around the world. For those who are based in Helsinki, we have a chill and green working space.

How we work


With low hierarchy


And with a lot of fun

What we believe in

Transparency and Honesty icon

Transparency & Honesty

We are open and transparent with customers about the products or services being offered, as well we are truthful with team members about the company's goals, performance, and expectations.

Focus icon

The power of focus

By focusing on clear, specific, and well-defined goals, we stay on track and remain efficient and productive.

People-first icon

People first

We prioritizes the satisfaction and well-being of our customers and employees.

Ambition icon


We are setting high goals, fostering a culture of excellence and encouraging employees to take risks and push boundaries to achieve success.

Making the world better icon

Making the world better

We strive to be responsible and sustainable, and to make the world a better place.

What we say about our company

Aditya Jitta's profile picture
Aditya Jitta
ML Engineer
“Testing your ideas is a breeze when you've got the support of your Datacrunch teammates behind you! With their expertise and resources, it's like you've got rocket boosters and jet packs for every idea you come up with, making the process of experimentation and validation a joyful and exciting experience.”
Lena Belozerova's profile picture
Lena Belozerova
People Partner
“My colleagues are positive, always have a joke to laugh at, supportive, and creative - the best co-workers in the world. If you want to express yourself, be who you are, and grow and share your experience and expertise, then join us at DataCrunch!”
Milosz Szewczak's profile picture
Milosz Szewczak
Lead DevOps engineer
“Working at DataCrunch for me is more than just being present for 8 hours a day. It's a spiritual experience that brings me closer to perfection. The best thing for me is the lack of pressure in the environment. Every day, I just want to go back to work.”
Megan McGlynn's profile picture
Megan McGlynn
UX Designer
“Working at DataCrunch has been fascinating and enjoyable. It’s exciting to be a part of designing this new world of technology. Everyone has been very welcoming, there is plenty of positive communication and trust in the office. ”
Ovik Khachikyan's profile picture
Ovik Khachikyan
Senior Full Stack Developer
“Working in DataCrunch is like solving the hardest puzzle in the world but with your friends. The right solution might be hard to find, but working with great people gives strength to go forward and to solve every problem.”
Wei Wei's profile picture
Wei Wei
Front-end Developer
“I feel relaxed yet motivated when working at DataCrunch. On one hand, the working environment is laid-back, and on the other hand, the momentum and ambiance are self-driven, which motivates you to work and improve yourself.”