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Millions of generated images with high speed and quality

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DataCrunch serverless inference

Scaling for one of the world’s largest image banks


Having direct contact between our engineering teams enables us to move incredibly fast. Being able to deploy any model at scale is exactly what we need is in this fast moving industry. DataCrunch enables us to deploy custom models quickly and effortlessly.

Iván de Prado Head of AI at Freepik

Reliability at scale

Freepik made a strategic decision to include AI-generated images in its offering.

This means providing millions of generated images, all with high quality and created quickly. Freepik requires a strategic partner capable of collaborating at a high level, offering the flexibility to adapt to rapid advancements in image generation. DataCrunch’s support allows Freepik to iterate, improve, or scale quickly as demand for volume changes.

Removing the middleman

At DataCrunch, our products are built by developers for developers.

We provide direct communication between Freepik and our engineers, enabling us to collaborate and adjust quickly. Removing extra organizational layers means nothing is lost in translation. This enables flexibility and strategic thinking on both sides to provide millions of Freepik users with world-class AI-generated stock footage.

Thinking ahead means staying ahead

A trusted partner fully grounded in the AI industry is an invaluable asset.

DataCrunch DNA is shaped by die-hard engineers who live and breathe Machine Learning. By understanding Freepik’s long-term goals, DataCrunch can advise and collaborate strategically. Ensuring that Freepik’s AI offering stays ahead of the competition.

Results that make a real impact

Freepik is able to use many AI models at scale without having to worry about infrastructure.

They can focus all their efforts on the quality of their product. Enabling their customers to generate world-class stock footage. All of this at speeds that match their high-quality standards and provide the level of service they stand for.

Autoscale your model with us

  • Optimal performance Optimization with techniques such as parallelization
  • Autoscaling ISO certified cloud infrastructure with handled scaling
  • Easy & convenient Deploy your model seamlessly in a single, accessible location
  • Cost effective Pay only for request execution, zero cold-start expenses

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