Frequently asked Questions


What does DataCrunch offer?

DataCrunch offers high-end dedicated instances at low cost.

Do you host your own hardware?

Yes, the instances we manage are part of our own infrastructure.

Where are the servers hosted?

They are hosted in Southern Finland.

Do you offer on-prem solutions?

Yes. We currently focus on Northern Europe.

Can I order a server with more RAM / storage / different CPU?

Yes. Contact us for customizations.

Can my bare metal servers be connected for GPUDirect RDMA?

Yes. Contact us for custom additional networking.

Using the DataCrunch platform

How do I order an instance?

After signing up, you get access to your user dashboard. There you will be able to setup your instances with your desired configuration, OS and SSH keys.

How do I add/generate an SSH key?

On Windows you can use PuTTYgen to generate an RSA keypair. On Linux you can use ssh-keygen. Keep your keys safe!

What if I lose my keys?

Please contact support to regain access to your machine.

How do I access my system?

After ordering, your server will be automatically setup with your chosen configuration. When the setup process is done, you receive an e-mail with the IP address of the machine which will also be visible on your user dashboard. You can now access your machine via the IP address & SSH keys used on setup.

How long does it take to get access to my server?

It takes 30-60 seconds for a virtual machine, and about 5 minutes for a bare metal server. An extra delay can occur when a server is busy securely erasing data, when availability is low. Please contact support if it takes longer than 2 minutes for a virtual machine and 15 minutes for a bare metal server.

How do I upload my data to my new server?

You can use any program that supports SFTP; WinSCP or Filezilla are popular options.

What about payment?

Your credit card information is handled via Stripe. We currently let the user top-up their account prior to renting an instance. That balance is used for server usage.
The balance is recalculated every 10 minutes.

Can I get an invoice?

You will receive payment receipts after every balance top-up.