Connecting to your server

After setting up your server, you receive access using the IP address stated in the dashboard.


Using our favorite SSH client, we connect to our server. In this case I will be using Putty.

Add your server info to Putty & click save

After saving, you will need to add your private key;

Add your key, go back to ‘session’ and save again

Don’t forget to click save again on ‘session’ or your private key won’t be saved!

Next we click open and are greeted with our login screen. Use username ‘root’ to proceed. If you used a authentication key with a passphrase, you will be prompted to type it in. You should now be logged in.

Tip: You can paste text into your terminal in Putty by right clicking. You can copy things from your terminal to Windows desktop by just selecting text (no need to press ctrl+c/copy), it will save the text in clipboard.