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GPU Cluster

Fully Customized For Your Needs.
Easy to setup.
Default node specifications:
  • 8x A100 SXM4 - NVLink 600GB/s
  • 2x 48C/96T EPYC Milan
  • 1TB memory 3200MT/s
  • 1TB local NVME storage
  • 800-1600 GBit/s InfiniBand™ 1:1 blocking factor
  • 100 GBit/s internal network
  • Custom storage based on your requirements
Number of Nodes
Duration of Lease
Indicative Price

$ / month

  • Node specifications can be customized
  • CPU and storage nodes can be added as needed
  • Dedicated storage (IB) networking as per requirements
  • On-site deployments can be discussed