About DataCrunch

DataCrunch' goal is to deliver the best high-end cloud instances tailored for Machine Learning/AI and GPU rendering.

High end servers

DataCrunch aims to deliver a world-class cloud service for your high performance applications.

High end service

We strive to deliver an excellent customer experience. Please contact us if you find any issue or would like to report a bug.

Low cost

Despite offering high-end hardware, we strive to offer it at lower cost than any competitor.

Nordic excellence

DataCrunch was founded in Helsinki, Finland. Our infrastructure is hosted in Southern Finland. Thanks to the C-Lion1 submarine cable, there's a direct connection to Germany, connecting us to continental Europe.

Our team

Ruben Bryon


Datacrunch was founded by Ruben.
Working on 3D rendering and cloud infrastructure cleared the path to offering GPU instances on a larger scale with full automation.

Contact: ruben [at] datacrunch -dot- io

Tamir Segal

Lead Full Stack Developer

Tamir uses his skills as a full-stack developer to improve the dashboard front- and back-end.

Contact: tamir [at] datacrunch -dot- io

Milosz Szewczak

Lead DevOps Engineer

Milosz is in charge of the infrastructure setup and automated server orchestration.

Contact: milosz [at] datacrunch -dot- io